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Professor J. Roe, 7th Dan

Owner and Head-Master of the Academy

 Since 1992 the Martial Arts Academy has been one of Southern California's premier Martial Arts training facilities. We offer world class award-winning instruction grounded in reality and supported by tradition. MAA is a full-time professional school that has classes for all ages and abilities and offers convenient day and evening lessons six days a week.  The Academy offers training that is both effective and safe, and will positively impact every aspect of your or your child's life.

For more information call us at (949) 433-3657


"The master, or teacher, guides the student to the student's personal understanding of whatever is being done..... The student is part of the resulting awareness. The master is not. But the master is necessary to make the student understand."

- Miyamoto Musashi


Martial Arts Academy of Laguna Hills

25260 La Paz, Suite I

Laguna Hills, Ca, 92653

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